Accessing the Experiment Support System

To access the Experiment Support System, use your browser to access the URL at which the administrator has installed the Experiment Support System.

Accessing and Login

After accessing the URL, you will see the landing page in figure 1. If there are any “live” experiments, then these will be shown here. More importantly, in the top-right corner, the login link takes you into the Experiment Support System itself, in order to set-up or work on experiments.

Experiment Support System landing page

Figure 1: The landing page of the Experiment Support System. Shows experiments that are currently “live” and provides the login functionality.

Following the “Login” link, takes you to the login page (figure 2), where using the username provided by your administrator and your password you can log into the Experiment Support System. If you have forgotten your password, then use the “Forgotten password” button in the bottom right corner to request a new one.

Login page

Figure 2: The login page including the link to the “Forgotten password” functionality.

General Structure

After logging in you are shown the list of experiments that you have created previously (figure 3). If you have not yet created any experiments, then the list will be empty. Figure 3 shows the main layout of the Experiment Support System.

In the top-right corner are a set of links related to your account. The “Experiments” link will always take you back to this screen. The “Preferences” link lets you change your account preferences, the “Change Password” link lets you change your password, and the “Logout” link logs you out of the Experiment Support System and takes you back to the initial landing page (figure 1).

If you have administrative permissions, then in the top-left corner links to the user, permission group, and question type administration functions are shown.

Below these sets of links the breadcrumbs document your current location within the Experiment Support System and can be used to get back to the start, if you get lost.

Next, the gray bar, is the action bar. This contains the main actions that are available to you on the current page. Here they are functions to create a “New Experiment” and to “Import an Experiment” (see Creating an Experiment).

The area below the action bar contains the page’s main content, in this case the list of experiments you have created.

Finally, at the bottom of each page is a link to the Experiment Support System’s documentation.

List of experiments

Figure 3: The user experiment landing page showing the experiments you have previously created and the functions for creating new and importing existing experiments.